States With Telehealth Licenses

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Telehealth licensing requirements and interstate …

Details: Telehealth licensing requirements and interstate compacts Providers can deliver telehealth services across state lines, depending on rules set by state and federal policies. Interstate compacts simplify cross-state telehealth for specialists in participating states. On this page: State licensing policies states with telemedicine license

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UPDATE: Telemedicine Across State Lines Post-Pandemic

Details: With 25 member states in the NLC, nurses in member states are allowed to practice telehealth across the country without having to obtain additional licenses. For … telemedicine across state lines

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Telehealth guidance by state during COVID-19

Details: Telehealth coverage mandate: A state law that prohibits insurers from refusing to cover a health care service because it was provided using telehealth if that same service is otherwise covered as an in-person service.There is some variability among state laws about what kinds of health plans are covered, what kinds of technologies are included in the definition of telehealth, what are eligible telemedicine out of state guidelines

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Are there state licensing issues related to telehealth

Details: Licensing can be a problem for telehealth programs. Most states require physicians to be licensed to practice in the originating site's state, and some states require providers using telehealth technology across state lines to have a valid state license in the state where the patient is located. 1 Therefore, with limited exceptions, telehealth consultations with a physician across state lines telehealth state licensure requirements

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State-by-state Guide Telehealth

Details: For Mental Health and Medical Professionals: State-by-state guide to the rules/laws about telehealth/telemedicine services across state lines Update - June 1, 2021 As of June 1, 2021, this page now represents a historical document of state-by-state guidance that was valid until spring 2021 when most telethealth guidance changed too dramatically out of state telemedicine

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State and Territory COVID Telehealth Waivers

Details: Arkansas State Medical Board voted to grant a Border State Emergency Temporary License to physicians that are currently practicing in any of the six bordering states and also holds an active and unrestricted medical license in that state with the understanding that this is for telemedicine only for already established Arkansas patients. No Yes Yes telehealth across state lines 2021

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Guide to Multi-State Medical Licensure for Telemedicine

Details: More populous states like California, Florida, Texas, and New York are the best states to get supplemental licenses because of higher patient utilization of telemedicine. You must be licensed in the state where the patient is located to provide treatment. telemedicine laws by state

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